A Mid-20th Century Navigation Buoy Beacon Light

A Mid-20th Century Navigation Buoy Beacon Light
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A rare surviving, mid-20th century navigation buoy beacon light, probably made for the USCG, and manufactured by Wallace & Tiernan, Belleville New Jersey. Thick glass clear glass Fresnel lens set into an aluminum alloy body, retaining an original.The drum lens measures 6 1/2 inches tall and 8 1/2 inches in diameter. There are four angled steel bolted swivel dogs to lock the top down tight and four mounting posts at the base. Steel bolts Fresnel lens guards and attachments. The hinged top opens to an interior light source, currently wired with a lamp cord and a new lamp socket. We can install a ceramic fixture for exterior use. Weight is 25 pounds. Measures 22 inches high, not including the top finial and 8 1/2 inches in diameter (measured at base). This would make a wonderful post and dock light as well as a perfect interior nautical area light. 

CONDITION: The 360 degree glass Fresnel lens has an approx. 6 inch area with fractures and rim chips on one side (see photo image), but the lense is whole and useable. The red painted surface survives with surface scratches and paint loss from weather wear use. The exterior electrical box has two female bronze cord interceptors for wiring with screw off plug caps, but the box is missing it's lid. This marine buoy has seen years of service at sea and is completely authentic with the exception of the replaced interior light.