Vintage Brass Ship's Cabin Lantern

Vintage Brass Ship's Cabin Lantern
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Product Description

High quality, vintage brass ship's cabin lantern with glass panes. The back wall has a corrugated surface to maximize light output. The lantern features glass panes on 3 sides, removable for easy cleaning and protected by cross, brass wire guards. Burner font with glass chimney is accessed by twisting the fixture from the bottom of the light. The adjustment handle is embossed, "KOSMOS BRENNER." The top of the lamp is equipped with a folding bail handle for carrying. The back of the lamp has a mounting bracket attached and riveted to the lamp body for hanging (missing tightening key). Measures 8 ½ X 5 1/4 X 13 ½ exclusive of bail handle. Survives in good, original condition. (This lantern can be electrified with an interior fixture for an additional charge)

The Kosmos burner is probably the most popular burner used in European lamps. A Patent for the design was first lodged in the UK in 1865 by Wild & Wessel from Berlin. In 1875 they began using the trade mark 'Kosmos' on winder knobs. The mark was taken over in 1899 by Brokelman, Jager & Co.