Ship's Stern Light

Ship's Stern Light
Product Code: 23074A
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Product Description

This authentic marine stern navigation light is made of heavy cast brass body and features a thick thick glass Fresnel lens. The front electric box plate cover is embossed "STERN, TEF, 908, HEKK." The top access cover is embossed "LANTERNE-A, 26 C.D." and locks with a single hinged clamp for tight closure and to gain access to interior light. The back of the light has four mounting feet for bulkhead mounting. The lens is etched S.E., 26188 with an inspection date of 1970. Survives in overall good condition with only a few lens rim chips. We have removed the old interior light fixture and ready for replacement with a new fixture for contemporary use. A great light for  both interior or exterior applications! Measures 9 inches tall X 9 inches wide X 8 ½ inch projection. Weighs 16 ½ pounds!