Small Boat Binnacle with C. Plath Compass

Small Boat Binnacle with C. Plath Compass
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Product Description

A Mid-20th Century small boat binnacle. This binnacle was meant for a lifeboat or a smaller vessel like a trawler or yacht. 
DESCRIPTION:  The brass upper section with a double flap cowl and double lamp that houses an electric light on one side and a removable auxiliary lamp on the other. It contains a small removable font with oil burner that is reached via a hinged door with keep. Inside is a liquid-filled 4-inch compass on gimbals, engraved on the outer brass ring "C. PLATH, G. DANSK, Z.M.P., 0590." The brass housing is fitted to a polished mahogany base . Measures 10 1/2 inches tall, exclusive of the mahogany base and 12 inches wide. Weighs just shy of 10 pounds.

Interior electric light is mounted inside a cylindrical housing on to the left side with removable lid to reach the bulb. Replaced socket and lamp wire, on/off switch on outer side for easy use.