WWII U.S. Navy Marine HUSUN Sextant, by H. Hughes & Sons, Ltd. of London

WWII U.S. Navy Marine HUSUN Sextant, by H. Hughes & Sons, Ltd. of London
Product Code: 22020
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description

A brass mariner’s navigational sextant produced by Henry Hughes & Son used by the United States Navy during WWII.  A classic black-lacquered brass three-circle pattern frame, features a graduated silver arc and brass venier, brass frame retaining all of the original black on sextant surfaces. Engraved on arc "H. Hughes & Son Ltd., London" and "Made in England." Above is the serial number 41215. The brass "HUSUN TRADE MARK" makers label is attached to the center of the arm. An exceptional maritime instrument surviving in "like new" working order. The sextant comes with three brass scopes, lubricant bottle with lubricant and brush, and an additional smaller diameter peep hole for the scopes. The silver scale is calibrated -5 to +130 degrees and the silver vernier scale with center arrow The pinch type tangent allows for quick sight, with 1° divisions and plastic drum micrometer fine adjustment reading. There is an electric light at the end of the index arm with the batteries stored in the handle. The sextant has four shades for the index mirror, and three shades for the horizon mirror, all surviving in good order.All filters are free from cracks, the optics are excellent as are the silvered mirrors. The sextant, scopes and accessories are housed in it's original machine dovetailed mahogany box with brass carrying handle on one side. Original green velvet lined interior. The box lock and keep are still intact but does not have the locking key. The box measures 10 1/2 by 11 by 5 1/2 inches and bears wear consistent with age and use. The bakelite handle, index arm clamp, and swing arm light are complete. The telescope adjusts up and down by turning a knob on the side.

The original U.S. Naval inspection certificate is attached to the interior box top. The label states: "U.S. NAVAL OBSERVATORY, WASHINGTON, D.C., COLLIMATION CERTIFICATE SEXTANT 41215, DATE: JAN. 1, 1945, TYPE: E.T.S. MAKER: HUSUN., CONSTANT CORRECTIONS IN ADDITION TO INDEX CORRECTION" SIGNED W. R. 

A rare WWII instrument for the discriminating collector!