WWII Japanese 20 X 120 'Big Eyes' Binoculars by Toko

WWII Japanese 20 X 120 'Big Eyes' Binoculars by Toko
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Product Description

WWII period 20x120 'Big Eye' binoculars. The binoculars were made by Toko, in unknown production quantities, probably late war. These were used on larger ships (battleships, carriers, cruisers) but they may well have been used on other vessels too. Numbers made are unclear, but a cruiser might have 13 of these installed. The optics are still in alignment, with only very minor dust particles internally! Also features a ranging scale. The 120mm front objectives are slightly recessed.  The ocular rotate inward and outward, so the user can adjust for eye spacing. The rubber eye cups deteriorated over time (common), so they are not present with this set. The binocular housing has a high degree of dents and scratches on the out casing. (See photo images). A steel pole accompanies the binoculars for use and display. 

These ‘Big Eye’ binoculars are the property of the Old Bristol Historical Society, Pemaquid, Maine. 
We are selling the binoculars for the society with all of the proceeds going to OBHS!