Exceptional Ships Wheel- Boat Wheel -- 25" diam.

Exceptional Ships Wheel- Boat Wheel -- 25" diam.
Product Code: 19109
Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs

Product Description

Exceptionally handsome, handcrafted boats pilot house wheel. This stout wheel is constructed of quartered sawn oak and mahogany with vase-and-ring turned spindles and handles in a classic 6-spoke pattern.
The substantial barrel-formed hub is made of solid oak, has a drilled one-inch hole on one side and a quarter inch hole of the front side, both with a brass rings on the end.
The front has a removable brass cap, once removed reveals engraved; "Alex C. Dwyer, Orlando,Fl." who we are pretty sure was the maker. The wheel is mounted together using a series of 12 brass diamond-shaped inlays
with center screw on both sides of this wheel, effectively fastening the curved wooden sections of the rim together. Measures 25 1/2 inches from spoke to spoke. Unfortunately, there is no provenance beyond what is stated about this wheel.