Small Boat Starboard Light Nautical Table Lamp

Small Boat Starboard Light Nautical Table Lamp
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Product Description

Authentic, American manufactured early 20th century galvanized metal nautical boat starboard lantern that we've repurposed into functional nautical table lamp. Thick, 360 emerald blue glass Fresnel lens intensifies the distance of the light. Originally a kerosene burning lantern, this old seafaring marine light now makes a wonderful table lamp with lots of nautical appeal. Brass top cap above "Christmas tree" style smoke vents. The lamp metal body retains an old pewter-grey surface. The glass Fresnel lens survives in good condition, with only a small rim chip on the outer glass. The lamp is open at the bottom to access the interior light socket.

The lamp lighting choices toggle between the interior light and the lamp light via the upper light switch. You can use either the upper room light, the interior lantern light or both as desired. Measures 16 inches tall to the top of the shade (as shown) and 4 inch diameter at base. A wonderful authentic nautical lantern with lots of maritime charm, re-purposed for today’s nautical home.

Price does not include lampshade. Shown here with our 9 inch burlap covered lamp shade. See our selection 
for the right finishing design for you!
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