19th Century Schooner Diorama

19th Century Schooner Diorama
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A late 19th century Folk Art diorama of a schooner sailing under full sail in the foreground, and a lighthouse with light keepers house painted on the left side of a rocky New England coast and multiple sailing ships in the distance. The white-painted wood two masted schooner is fully rigged, with carved and painted wood sails and varnished masts and deckhouse. The schooner is pulling a wood dory from the stern of the boat. The schooner sails through painted wood and gesso waves while the wood backboard is painted with overall wkite cloudy skies inside a shallow wood shadowbox.  The shadowbox measures 20 inches x 30 inches wide.

CONDITION: The diorama is completely intact with the exception of the threaded lines that were long gone. Missing glass cover and outer frame.

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Sailors Art Diorama Full Rigged Ship 'EMMA'

Sailors Art Diorama Full Rigged Ship 'EMMA'

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