Rare Battle at Sea British & American Ships Diorama, Ship-in-a-bottle

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Product Description

A rare vintage ships war diorama, ships-in-a-bottle depicting an American and a British ship in battle in choppy blue painted clay seas. The British Barque (flying the British naval jack) is firing from the starboard side and the American frigate (flying the thirteen stars and stripes flag) from it's port. the British ship has lost it's aft mast, which is now being dragged behind in the sea. Both of the paper masts are riddled with holes from cannon fire. Cannon smoke is replicated with cotton between the two vessels. A paper tag with once a description of the skirmish is attached to the bottle cork, but is sun-faded and no longer ledgible. The diorama is created in a quart bottle with a red-waxed covering. Measures 9 1/2 inches in length.