Ships Brass Double Stack Port Light- Marine Maritime Lighting

Ships  Brass Double Stack Port Light- Marine Maritime Lighting
Product Code: LLL014A
Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs

Product Description

An authentic vintage heavy cast and sheet brass double stack port Light, salvaged from a once working vessel. This brass light lamp was manufactured by MARINER SA, Brazil and dated 1981. The 112 degrees ruby red lense survives in good functioning order, but with some surface scratches from years of actual seagoing use. The lense has brass side wings to block visual viewing from sides. The fixture is actually two separate lights hinged together. The top light with hinged lid and four lock down dogs to secure tight and a bail handle for opening. The lower light is hinged on one side and also opens via four lock down dogs for entry into the fixture. Stands on a pedestal base with three mounting feet and double wire conduits out the back.

Dimensions: 8 ½" wide and 7 ½" deep. Stands 17 ½ inches tall excluding bail handle. Weighs 24 ½ pounds. 

We removed the old sockets and wiring from the fixture and is now ready to be rewired. Includes new interior URL light sockets.