A. Robinson & Co Single Handled Engine Room Telegraph

A. Robinson & Co Single Handled Engine Room Telegraph
Product Code: ASGU03
Shipping Weight: 22.00 lbs

Product Description


A wall mounted brass single-handled ships engine room telegraph with bell. The glass-covered black face plate states in bold white letters; “A. ROBINSON & CO. LTD., PATENTEES & MANUFACTURERS, LIVERPOOL & GLASGOW, ESTABD A.D. 1760. It rings loudly at each command position of the brass wooden handled lever. Polished cast brass housing measures 12 inches in diameter. Survives with a few scratches on the brass housing and a small chip on the glass plate near the handle. Weighs just shy of 16 pounds. This 1980's vintage telegraph is not an authentic marine instrument but is simply a fine quality maritime replica and an affordable alternative to an authentic Robinson example!