Brass Engine Order Telegraph Manufactured by Chas. Cory Corporation, New York

Brass Engine Order Telegraph Manufactured by Chas. Cory Corporation, New York
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Product Description

An early 20th century engine order telegraph manufacured by the Chas. Cory Corporation, New York. This is an outstanding example of an early 1900’s American telegraph communicator. It is signed on its etched milkglass dials “CHAS.CORY CORPORATION, PATENTEES, XII-B-330A, NEW YORK”. The opposite side is identical but states "HUNT'S SHIPYARD, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA."  It has two independently operating levers with indicating arrows which moves over the dials marked “AHEAD” and “ASTERN” and commands including “STOP” "SLOW" 'HALF' & “FULL.” An electric ring responds when a lever is moved out of the "STOP" position, but will return to the "STOP" position instead of staying at a command. We believe this happens because the interior chains are not connected to the engine room telegraph. An electric interior light is mounted inside the top of the EOT with a flip switch mounted just below the top Chas. Cory manufacturers plate. A second brass manufacturers identification label is mounted on to the burgundy-red painted pedestal. It measures 7 inches in diameter on the dials and 41 1/2 inches tall to the top of the shift handles. The tall flanged base is 10 inches in diameter and is mounted on to a mahogany base. There's one small break in the plexiglass that covers the HUNT'S command plate, but is not very visible. This E.O.T. weighs approximately 50 pounds! 

Unfortunately, we have not been able to date, to find any information on Hunt's Shipyard in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We will update this if information is forthcoming. 

The fact that it controlled a twin screw power plant almost indicates it was used on a tugboat, which required the power and maneuverability of its twin screw design