World War II US Navy Bureau Ships Binnacle With Original Lionel Compass

Product Code: JOHNSH03
Shipping Weight: 60.00 lbs

Product Description


U.S. Navy gimbaled compass manufactured by the Lionel Corporation, New York. The oil-filled compass is etched on the compass outer ring- "U.S. NAVY, BU SHIPS, MARK 1, MOD. 1, N 12310, THE LIONEL CORPORATION, N.Y. and dated 1943. The compass is housed in a heavy cast brass housing with removable hood made by "C.G . CONN. LTD., ELKHART INDIANA" as inscribed on the front maker's plate. the plate also states "7 ½" BINNACLE, CONTRACT NO. NXSS 37685, U.S. NAVY- BUREAU OF SHIPS". The helmet shaped lid features a pair of sliding front doors with knob handles and fits tight onto the bottom compass housing. The lid is affixed with a pair of brass screw clamps located on each side of the housing. Aged brass patina with lacquered finish to prevent tarnishing. Measures 13 ½ inches in diameter and stands 13 ½ inches to the top of the removable lid. The compass measures 9 3/4 inches in diameter overall with a 7 ½ inch viewing glass. This exceptional WWII era maritime instrument survives in good working order and with only a few minor surface dents in the lid.

Great authentic U.S. Navy navigational instrument for the WWII collector!